The view is getting clearer

The last 2 days have been eventful.

Yesterday we went for the first ride on our new bikes in preparation for our trip. Not only was it the first one the bikes, but it was also my first since being diagnosed with cancer. I was very chuffed with the ride – 20km around Midmar Dam – not bad going all things considered. Granted we had done the calculations and worked out how far we had to cycle to earn our beers and roast lunch at Pub’s End !!!!

Admittedly, I do have a mildly numb bum this morning but besides that I am feeling surprisingly strong – needless to say Ivan is not feeling an side effects whatsoever!

This morning we booked our tickets for our South East Asia Adventure (hence the Seat in the name of this blog). We leave on 15 May !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great excitement !!!!!

Now the hard work starts – visas etc and figuring out how we manage 30kg of luggage when the bicycles are already using half of that allowance – methinks perhaps some of the treats we were going to take will have to wait for until the older kidlets visit in July!


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