The view is fantastic

Great news – we have been granted our visas for Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year multiple entry with permission to work – if we feel so inclined – although somehow i don’t think that is likely.

Plans are progressing superbly and we are ticking things off the to-do list:

Book Flights √

Buy Mountain Bikes √

Get Visas √

Home Repairs ½√

Another great view this week was the view at the venue we found for our older daughter’s wedding next year. I am sure she is relieved about this as well – seeing as we are not going to be here for the whole planning phase of the wedding and they have had to delay the wedding to suit our travel plans – I am told that this makes us mean parents ???

st ives

The Vietnamese based kidlets are doing viewing of their own and apartment hunting for a 2 bedroom apartment for when we get there – hope to post pics as soon as our new home is found!

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