We now have a picture of our Hanoi View

Apartment 2
Rooftop terrace and gym
Apartment 1
Dining and kitchen
Apartment 3

We now officially have the view we are moving to.

The Hanoi based kidlets have found the apartment complete with rooftop terrace and gym!

Located in close proximity to West Lake (Tay Ho) as well as the market. and – of – course – in very close proximity to the Bai Hoi (Fresh Beer).

I has an ultrasound yesterday to do final checks and all good to go so I will have my penultimate Herceptin treatment on 19 April and have my port removed on 20 April.

Next week is going to be a difficult one. in December 2015 my Dad moved to live with my brother and his family in Johannesburg. They have decided to sell his home in Hillcrest and next week I will be moving all his belongings out of this home – a bittersweet goodbye.


  1. Wow thats posher than home!!!
    Love the roof top terrace, for beer NOT gym!!!
    Will be thinking of you with your last treatments and selling dads Home, never easy but for the best.
    Gosh but i do love your new place, is it 2 Bedrooms as you wanted.


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