Two weeks to go!!!


It’s getting towards the pointy end of the prepping process.

I have had my port removed (marking a milestone in my cancer treatment). The port is an under skin implant that allows for easier administration of chemo and other necessary drugs – alleviating the need to find veins for drips every treatment.

We are taking the bicycles to be boxed this week as well as arranging our international drivers licences and getting extra passport photos etc required.

I also need to start practicing with my new camera – watch this space!

Ticket booked for Phuket for my besties 50th the week after we arrive in Hanoi!

Hopefully going to do a bit of wedding dress shopping with the older kidlet this week so that we have the mommy and daughter moment before we go.

We also had news that the youngest kidlet’s significant other is having ACL surgery on Wednesday (3rd May) in Hanoi – his mum is flying over to help out and will leave 3 days before we arrive.

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