The eagle has landed!

We have arrived in Hanoi !!

It was a bit trying manoeuvering the boxed bicycles around the airport – we just about squeezed into the lift after vetoing the escalators.

We then had finger biting moments while the check in staff decided on the dimensions (even though we and checked with baggage control earlier) ! After they were approved they were set aside outside the check in counter and we were in serious doubt as to whether they would make the plane. After a great flight to Hong Kong and a quick 1h30 change over (we once again assumed the bikes would remain in Hong Kong for a holiday) and a short 2 hour flight to Hanoi – we are here (as are the bikes!).

The kidlets had arranged for a driver to fetch us at the airport and after a short airconditioned ride we got to our apartment.

We have found our new local (literally 120m walk) – The 100 Garden – a lovely beer garden with amazing food. I think we will be spending a lot of time there.

So today we are off to get “localised” – sim cards etc.

Have a great week – will update you all soon!


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