A week in our new life!

So here we are a week into our South East Asia adventure. We have settled into our apartment with the kidlets and are getting into a “routine” (some may say habit ha ha)

We have found – in Ivan’s case re-found – the most amazing coffee as well as lunch and beer spots!

Coconut iced coffee at Cong Caphe in Xuan Dieu is amazing! The quaintest coffee shop with walls covered in bookshelves full of old Vietnamese books. Quirky furniture and

relaxed work spaces make this a must for the people who can work from anywhere.

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to eateries – from the humble Bia Hoi’s  (meaning literally “fresh beer”) with their cheap draught beer (about R4 for a glass) and amazing reasonably priced local food to really fancy expensive European eateries. There are loads of mid range eateries as well and we have cycled around the lake (averaging about 10 km a day) sampling some of these.

We have realised that and average lunch will set you back about 60 000 VND per person and dinner about 120 000 VND per person (including a couple of drinks) – this is obviously dependant on where you go – it is very possible to have a good lunch for much less at a Bia Hoi.

Needless to say the weather is challenging to say the least averaging about 35 degrees C with almost 100% humidity whilst cycling takes it out of you – but nothing a cold beer cant fix.

Tomorrow I head off to Patong Thailand for my besties 50th !!!!

Have a great week all!

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