11136131_10153226649758659_7485613600082145195_oA little about us:

Ivan was born in Johannesburg in 1956 and spent his formative years there. As soon as he could (after qualifying as a Civ Eng Tech) he escaped the big city and moved to KwaZulu Natal where he worked on numerous contracts. His hobbies include scuba diving (NAUI instructor), mountain biking, canoeing,  golf and copious amounts of reading.

Gail was born in Liverpool in 1965 and emigrated with her family  to South Africa in 1969. After 1 year in Johannesburg the family moved to Durban where I was educated and have spent the rest of my life. My hobbies include cycling, Pilates,  golf and reading (and Ivan says loads of drinking ha ha).

We got married on 23 June 1990 and have two daughters Caitlin and Candice.